Down at the Copa, Copacabana

What is New Years Eve all about?? Celebration? Time with friends and family and loved ones? Finding that one person to be your midnight kiss? Not when you celebrate at Copacabana Beach in Rio!


The tradition for NYE in Rio and in Brazil includes dressing in all white to purge all the bad from the past year.


The color underwear you wear signifies what you are wishing for in the new year. Pink means love, red means passion, yellow means money, white means peace and so on and so on. I wanted a color that meant travel but that does not exist. I settled for my pink bikini bottoms with sea horses on them.


At midnight instead of people searching for a kiss, there is a spectacular fireworks display that is one for the record books! Once the fireworks are over, everyone jumps in the ocean and jumps 7 waves and makes 7 wishes. You can see where the underwear comes into play since everyone is soaking wet and wearing white.


I was lucky enough to share this experience with friends from home and 2 million strangers!

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Cristo Redentor and Escadaria Selaron

When most people think of Rio de Janeiro they think of Copacabana Beach and Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor). This statue overlooks the city and can be seen day or night. To say I am not the most religious of people is putting it lightly, but this is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World and a must see.

View of Rio from the statue

View of Rio from the statue

IMG_2809 IMG_2780

View heading down the train from the statue

View heading down the train from the statue

Continuing through the city full of so many colors, you end up at Escadaria Selaron. What started as a project from an artist fixing his front steps, ended up as a beautiful addition to Lapa and Santa Teresa. This was also a chance to see a small part of what a favela looks like up close and personal.


IMG_2741 IMG_2743

Obviously I cannot walk through a city without taking pictures of some graffiti. This street art seemed to have movement across the wall. I loved it!