It’s All About the Architecture…and Food!

I love Barcelona because of the architecture from Gaudi that you can see nearly everywhere. Read about it from my past trips here and here. However, every time I go it seems I discover the same thing in a new light. Where we went was up to my friend since I had already seen many of the sites of Barcelona and she chose to see the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell.

Construction of the Sagrada Familia started in 1882 and is set to be completed in 2026 which will mark the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death. In 2010 Pope Benedict XVI consecrated the church and proclaimed it a minor basilica. Once you have traveled around Europe, you start to kind of get sick of going into churches as there is very similar history that runs throughout Europe and they all start to look the same. This is absolutely not the case for Sagrada Familia! The pictures I am able to take just do not do it justice and this is a must see in Barcelona!

The inside of the church is meant to look like a huge forest. The branches support the vaulted ceiling which means there is no need for exterior support columns. Architecturally, this is very difficult and absolutely amazing to see! The tallest tower is just slightly shorter than Montjuic Castle because Gaudi said the work of man should never surpass that of nature. Everything is very mathematical and methodical to the point that each column is 7.5 meters, the width of the nave is 15 meters and the height in the aisles is 30 meters. Basically, the entire place is mathematically perfect to resemble nature.

Part of the Passion Facade – This is Judas kissing Jesus. The numbers in the square always add up to 33 which is the age of Jesus at his death.
These balconies are all over Barcelona and inspired by Gaudi. He uses lines that honor nature.

Park Güell was conceived as a park with Gaudi and Guell situated within an already existing natural park. They imagined an organized grouping of high-quality homes, decked out with all the latest technological advancements to ensure maximum comfort, finished off with an artistic touch. This concept never took off and now the area is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The entrance is timed entry and you can buy the ticket online so that you don’t show up and then have to wait for a few hours before entry. I personally think the park looks like a little Dr. Seuss Whoville.

Okay, let’s talk about what else happens while traveling…lots of food and drinks. While we were in Barcelona we loved grabbing a baguette, prosciutto, cheese and wine and setting up our picnic anywhere we wanted. The thing is, everyone does this so there are plenty of places to relax and just enjoy being outside. I would say that we had a picnic almost everyday and if it wasn’t an actual picnic, we basically ordered the same food in a restaurant. Cicely, who I was with in Barcelona, managed to capture me eating in various situations!

This piece of street art speaks to me and completely embodies how I feel while traveling

Next up, Madrid which I have not been to in 21 years!

Let me know your thoughts!

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