Mobile Pass is the Best!

One of the biggest annoyances of traveling is entering back into the US and going through immigration and customs after a very long flight with pretty crappy food. Global Entry was an awesome solution to this problem and made the customs process pretty easy. However, this came with a fee and you are not guaranteed to be granted access.

There is a new app that has recently been released called Mobile Passport and it is AMAZING! I downloaded this app before I left for my last trip in hopes that it would work when I entered back into the US. I had set up all the information before which was as easy as entering my passport information and verifying that I am who I say I am. Upon landing, I entered my flight information into the app and answered a few immigration questions and a code was sent to my phone. I walked to the mobile Passport line and no one was in it while the regular line was wrapped around forever! From deplaning to reaching baggage claim took me all of 7 minutes!

This app is only available in 20 airports and 1 port at the moment but is growing in popularity. If you want to save yourself a ton of time and headache, download this app and use it and you can thank me later.