Adding Another Country to the List…Panama

After 5 days on a boat around amazing and beautiful islands, I was sad and also excited to be on land. I didn’t get sea sick while on the boat but once I was on land, I had serious drunken sailors walk (I couldn’t get my equilibrium back on land). I had a feeling this would happen to me so I basically spent two days in Panama City relaxing and cooking. I booked a hostel with a pool thinking I could relax and read in there but just looking at the water made me feel a little woozy. #mybad

Fast forward to to 2 days later and I was on a flight to Bocas Del Toro. You would think that after the Rosario Islands and San Blas islands, I was done with islands, but this was not the case. I stayed on a little island just a quick boat taxi ride from the main island where there was an opportunity to participate in so many activities except for one problem…it was pouring rain!

Finally, after 2 days of rain, there was sun and time for an activity and I immediately decided that zip lining was in order! Let’s not forget that I was on an island in Central America surrounded by rainforest and water which means awesome animals!

This little guy popped in for breakfast

These guys are ALL over the island and super tiny. I wouldn’t pick one up but the guides did.

After so much rain I went back to the main island where my friend from high school had just recently opened a new bar called Tequila Republic. I spent the day hanging out with him and his wife and the locals and just catching up. If you are ever in Bocas Del Toro, this bar is literally walking distance from the airport and close to just about everything. It’s a must!

I did’t see much of Panama and would like to go back but like I do with many countries, I pop in to feel it out if it is on way to somewhere and then plan a longer trip for another time!


I went to Corfu because when I was in Saranda, Albania last year I had wanted to go but couldn’t enter the Schengen again. This is a very large island in the Greek Islands and I was not sure what to expect. I was traveling with a friend and we stayed at a place called the Pink Palace. I’m not sure what I expected but it was about 20 minutes from the main town and basically its own secluded little resort. I was able to relax and swim on the beach and have a good time. The hostel itself served an amazing breakfast and dinner that was included in the price but the party atmosphere was a little much for my taste. I would like to say that I went to the city center or experienced something but I just walked around the little town by the hostel and relaxed. Sometimes traveling is all about the relaxation and I took full advantage of that.