From One Island to Another

The Rosario Islands are really known for the day trip crowds to Baru from Cartagena. We chose to spend three nights on Baru and experience the best part of it! We took a crazy little boat ride to our island and started our new adventure!


So what does one do on an island with just a beautiful ocean? Wake up at sunrise and go for swims and then swim some more!

If I was to only experience the island as a day trip, I would think it was crowded and full of vendors pushing something on you to buy. But really that is only form 10-3 and before or after that the island is nearly empty! Limited to no Wifi! No ATM! Nowhere to go except in the water or down the beach! Just pure relaxation. I finished my book so luckily there was a library just down the beach where I was also able to buy some books in english.

This was truly another amazing few day getawat!


Not a lot of people have heard of Lugano, Switzerland. It is the Swiss side to the very popular Lake Como and from what I have been told, just as beautiful. My friend that I was in Paris with is currently working and living here so I thought a visit for a few days would be great!

There is a small airport in Lugano but it is much cheaper to fly into Milan and take about an hour mini bus for €25.00. Once there we jumped on a mini tram and showed up to the house.

I spent two days relaxing and doing laundry and hanging out with my friend and the little guy you see pictured below. Switzerland is very expensive (think $30 for a hamburger) so two days was enough for me and it was time to move on to Milan!