Some Down Time in Hong Kong

It was time for me to adventure out in my own since Leslie had to go to work. I decided to take the day and head to Kowloon and conquer the Ladies Market. I had a friend that requested a few items and I took my negotiation skills and pictures to the market to find some purses and belts!

The market was not nearly as overwhelming as Beijing or Shanghai but walking through the streets, a constant comment of “copy bag or copy sunglasses” was whispered under hushed breath breath. I was looking at some sunglasses just because I thought they were cute and the guy asked to see my Jimmy Choos I was wearing and told me he had a copy. I pointed and said “these are real” and walked away.

Having had my adventure and also just wandering the streets, I relaxed a little bit back at the house before heading to dinner at Oola Petite. This is another local spot for Leslie and we opted to order some fajitas. With all the various cuisines I was consuming, why not throw some Mexican in there?

The next day Leslie had to work again and I was just plain old tired. I took the day to Netflix and chill. When Leslie got off work, we went to dinner for bottomless sushi! It would seem my last few days were focused on food which is absolutely okay with me!

Sushi in Germany?

Just because I am in a certain country, does not mean I have to eat the local food the entire time. Today I had a craving for sushi and found a great place with bottomless sushi! It was absolutely delicious and made me very happy.

IMG_9792 IMG_9793

I haven’t totally strayed away from the German way. I tried the apfelwein and I must say, it is a bit of an acquired taste that I do not have.


One of the best parts of staying in a hostel is meeting interesting people and hearing their story. This evening I met a 69 year old gentleman from Berlin who decided to up and travel the world with his walker. For every person he met, he would sing some sort of song. I have a feeling he will be the hit of the place in a few days.