Here we go…

As most of you know I have a new life plan to travel the world for my 30th birthday (March 2014). As each week goes by and a new adventure comes my way I keep thinking about how I am actually going to achieve my goal and share it with everyone I know and love. What better way to do this than to start blogging and attempt to share my love and gain knowledge from everyone out there.

My life is taking me on adventures I never planned for and introducing me to people I have gained so much knowledge from. Everyday I encounter strangers that have a little part of something to give and all it takes is a minute to listen to them.

I’m told I am always smiling. I think I am always smiling because the people around me give me something to smile about.

My hope is to take you on my journey with me. But who knows…I’m just a girl living her dream that wants everyone to live that dream with her.

Let me know your thoughts!

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