Cusco…Day 3

Most of day three was all about Machu Picchu which will be another post to come. But after coming home from Machu Picchu Kalindra and I met some more people from LA that were staying at our hostel which is always a fun experience. We decided we would spend our last night in Cusco out of the hostel since we did not have to get up early and went walking around the town.

Kalindra managed to make friends with a homeless dog that followed us around for blocks and blocks and blocks. I have a feeling she may be looking into Peru doggy adoption from the states.

We ended up running into our new friends and bar hopped with them to some of the local places. After a few hours we had to throw in the towel since we were so tired and went home but not after being followed and hustled by little kids trying to get us to buy some gum. All I can say is these kids will be fantastic sales people when they get older!

Let me know your thoughts!

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