Ica…Day 2

After the weirdest day of travel I have ever had I am pretty sure sleeping in and having a relaxing day was exactly what was on the schedule for the day. We slept in to receive a phone call at 9:00am alerting us that breakfast would be over at 9:30am. Somewhat still half asleep we made our way down to enjoy a lovely buffet breakfast that was included in our room rate. We woke up to a gorgeous day and realized we needed to take advantage of this. What else would we do in Peru but lay by the pool and relax? So relaxing by the pool is exactly what we did!

Pool time

Our friend we had made the night before stopped by and told us she would not be able to go to the sand dunes with us but gave us her cell phone and the number of a guy to call. Kalindra and I spent most the day relaxing and enjoying the hotel before our adventure to Huacachina. We went a little early and explored all that Huacachina had to offer. Then our real adventure began with an awesome dune buggy and a crazy driver. I had never ever seen sand dunes like these and the ride was like being on a roller coaster. The drivers know exactly where they are going like the back of their hand and I felt incredibly safe the entire time.

Perfection in Huacachina

Then came the sand boarding. Some may start on a small hill that doesn’t seem so scary. Instead, since we were with a friend of a friend, we started on a dune that I thought looked insane! We laid on our boards and down we went! Turns out the ride wasn’t so scary. Then we went to the next dune that looked like I would die if I went down it. Once again, turns out it wasn’t so scary. And onto the last dune…or dunes I should say. This was a double dune where you had to catch enough speed on the first dune to make it over the second one. All and all I would say this was an experience I am not sure you can have anywhere else.

Sand dunes everywhere

We took some time to watch the sunset and take a ton of pictures before our crazy ride back to town. Of all the days in Peru this was one of the most fun! We had a light dinner and easy taxi ride back to Ica followed by a little tv and girl chat. This was an absolutely perfect day in Peru!

Let me know your thoughts!

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