The Perfect Wine Bar…and it’s in Long Beach.

As you know, I love to find my awesome local places when I travel. When I found myself in Long Beach for a month long work assignment, I didn’t think I would have anything to write about. Turns out, that is not the case. District Wine Bar is an amazing find for anyone who finds they are in Long Beach for one reason or another. Growing up in Glen Ellen I acquired an appreciation for wine from constantly being surrounded by it but my palette was far from developed. I am sure my parents gave me a sip of wine that would blow my mind away these days!

Angela and Mark Dunton are a fantastic couple that found a little niche in Long Beach and opened District Wine. You are guaranteed to find one of them there when you go, and if you aren’t sure about what you like, you will be lead down a path of happiness. The wines are hand picked by Angela or Mark and you are guaranteed to find something amazing. They both prefer different wines so your idea of what is “good” will not be skewed. And for all  you non wine drinkers out there, the bar offers a great selection of beers to tantalize your taste buds. Don’t forget to pair your beer or wine with something from the delicious menu. Go for happy hour or go for a date. This is a place that is a “must see” in Long Beach.

A few fun facts about Long Beach:

–         Considered the most bicycle friendly city in the US

–         One of the most walkable cities in the US: rated 94% by

–         Among the Top 10 Best Social Media Cities in America

–         In January 2012, Long Beach Airport was listed as having the lowest airfares in the state of CA and the 2nd lowest airfares in the country by the US Department of Transportation

–         There are over 100 restaurants within a 1 mile radius

As a little additional fun fact, Angela went to school for architecture and design and actually designed the wine display cases in the restaurant in her dad’s garage. 

Let me know your thoughts!

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