A quick trip to China? Why not?

I found myself taking a quick trip to China because of an amazing deal I found on Travelzoo for ChinaSpree. My good friend Kalindra decided to be my partner in crime for this epic adventure and we really had no idea what we were getting into.

ChinaSpree is a great organization that plans everything for you from getting your visa, to arranging your arrival and departure, to securing your entrance fees and arranging everything at your hotel. We basically just had to pay our money and show up to the airport!

Our flight left at 12:40am on November 8th for a 12.5 hour flight from Los Angeles to Beijing. This means we were up all day Thursday to catch our flight early Friday morning that then landed in Beijing around 5:00am Saturday morning.

The trip started with Kalindra forgetting her carry on at security and then a gentleman anonymously buying us a burger at the airport. The flight was relatively uneventful until Kalindra threw my neck pillow across the plane and we had a small giggle fit. If this was a sign of anything to come then we knew we were in for a crazy 7 days! Stay tuned over the next few days for the adventures that occurred in Beijing and Shanghai!

Let me know your thoughts!

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