Bern baby Bern


My parents left me on May 1 and my adventure of backpacking officially started. I looked at a map of Europe and found a city and decided to go there and that is how I ended up in Bern, Switzerland. Bern is the capital of Switzerland and has a great walking promenade full of stores and restaurants. I did a little window shopping and even stopped in McDonalds to check out their menu. They have a hamburger royal here! I thought that was only in the movies!


I went the other way and ventured to the Rose Garden. The roses were not in bloom yet but the view was absolutely spectacular!

IMG_9712 IMG_9713

I have been staying at this great little hotel/hostel called Hotel Landhaus. It is a combo of a 6 person dorm separated into 3 private sections to provide some privacy and a hotel on the next few floors. Luckily, it is located across from the bear park which I have visited twice! I thought the bears were absolutely adorable and playful.


Living the hostel life means a towel is not always provided for the showers. I bought a PackTowl and used it while at this hostel and it is AMAZING. It folds into a very tiny little square and basically dries instantly. For anyone traveling or camping or even needing something quick for a beach day, I would say this is the way to go! I found mine on Amazon in a pretty little blue color.

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  1. Bern looks like a good place to visit. And those bears! 🙂 Best of luck to you, and happy travels!

  2. Holly Benne says:

    Those bears are adorable. Your blog is a wealth of information. Miss u already.

  3. Hillary says:

    Truly amazing- you were that close to the bears?

  4. jennalogic says:

    I took the picture through the fence but the bears were close. They were oh so adorable!

  5. Howard Dunaier says:

    The journey continues!

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