Getting my feel for Frankfurt

I spent my first two days in Frankfurt walking around in the rain and taking in the sites and then going out with new hostel friends at night. I explored the city for about 6 hours with a traveler from Australia, and we literally would see a building we liked and head for it. We didn’t have a destination in mind or any expectations and truly just explored the city. We ended up at Goethe University which was a great campus with a bit of random art. We also stumbled upon a Korean garden where we sat for a bit to get out of the rain.

IMG_9776 IMG_9779IMG_9789

Part of the hostel experience is making new friends and meeting great people from around the world. A group of us (Australian, Canadian and Texan) went out to an Irish pub called O’Reilly’s for a night on the town and some karaoke. It seems that no matter where you are, karaoke is always just as awesome!


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  1. Holly Bennett says:

    Livin’ the dream! I love that you are exploring the world.

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