My day in Beauvais

My ticket to Rome was booked on Ryanair out of Beauvais. This is about 1.5 hours outside of Paris and I didn’t want to deal with getting to the airport in the morning. So, I booked a room on Airbnb and took myself on a little date in Beauvais. Sadly, this meant I had to check out of the amazing hostel I was staying at, The 3 Ducks!

In Beauvais, there was a small festival in town where there was a race of homemade go karts. Picture box cars with the theme music to Spiderman or Mario Borthers playing as they peddle around a track. I pulled up a seat at the Brasserie Victor Beauvais and ordered a foie gras salad and some rose. The food was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed my time people watching and taking in the sun for over two hours!

IMG_9921 IMG_9935

As I was walking back to the house, I stumbled upon the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre. I love that I can just be walking down the street and find 13th century gothic architecture without even knowing it was there.

IMG_9938  IMG_9953 IMG_9960 IMG_9948


One thing to note, although my airfare from Paris to Rome was dirt cheap ($39), I had to pay another €16 (about $24) to take a bus to the airport and spend the time getting there. If I wanted to make my 9am flight, I would have had to leave at about 5am. If you have the time though, it’s worth it to save the money.



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