Another overnight train experience

I took another overnight train but this time without a border crossing. I had a sleeper train again and this time it was a triple decker. Surprisingly, I slept like a baby and luckily I was on the bottom bunk.


After the sleeper train took me to my first stop at 7:02am (still in Romania), I was wide awake and ready for my next two trains to finally get me to Serbia. The view was beautiful and although I added a frame to the sunflower picture, I did not apply a filter to the natural beauty!

IMG_1218 IMG_1235

The graffiti on the train felt like a calling card and added a little something special to it. Obviously, I had to take a picture of the doggy that was at the Romanian/Serbian border crossing!



When I first started to plan this trip, I would tell people that I was excited to visit places like Romania and Bosnia and Serbia and I would always be given the oddest looks. Although the history of the US with these countries may not be very pleasant, the past is in the past and I hope to explore what the countries have become even if some of the history is as recent as 1999.

Let me know your thoughts!

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