Montenegro in a day!

The weather started to get a bit gloomy in Bosnia and I headed to Montenegro hoping for a little reprieve. However, it seemed the weather followed me to Kotor and I had to deal with the rain for a few more days. To me Kotor was a combination of Mostar and Dubrovnik and a quaint little place.


Instead of hanging around the small city, I took a tour to Durmitor National Park which took me on a 15 hour, 300 kilometer adventure around Montenegro. The 4 kilometer hike around the river was absolutely beautiful and a the trees did a great job protecting us from the little bit off rain that fell.

IMG_1333 IMG_1331 IMG_1328

Along the way, we stopped in Budva which has a huge Russian population. There is a bit of concern about what will happen with Budva as Montenegro will follow whatever the EU decides as it pertains to Russia.


One of the awesome places we got to stop was at a zip lining spot that was 824 meters long and 150 meters above the Tara River Canyon. It started to rain just as our group was lining up and no one was volunteering to go first, so I saddled up and zipped across the river!


As we were headed home, we stopped at a lovely little village that is used as a resting point for avid hikers of the intense mountain and had a dinner of freshly caught fish from the river as the sun set. It was a long and great day!

m_DSC_2157IMG_1334 IMG_1335

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  1. Glad that u enjoyed here! Nice post 🙂

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