London round 2

I started this adventure of backpacking with my mom and step dad when we landed in London on April 15th. Completely by coincidence and because of the Schengen rules limiting what countries I can be in at this time, my mom landed in London exactly 6 months later on October 15th to meet me for a little visit.


I came in a few days earlier to meet up with friends that I have met throughout my adventures. I was able to see Big Ben and the London Eye at night on this trip and thought they were absolutely stunning!

IMG_1805 IMG_1800


We spent most the time walking around and taking in the sites and smells but also took some time to see Whiplash at the London Film Festival and Thriller Live at the Lyric theater. The film was absolutely amazing and the musical was a bit cheesy but full of Michael Jackson music which can do no wrong.

IMG_1837 IMG_1834


Instead of doing the normal “tourist” stuff, my mom and I decided we would check out the Sea Life Aquarium and read about their dedication to sustainability and the environment. No one is ever too old to keep learning!

Simulated hurricane
Simulated hurricane

Obviously traveling can get exhausting with trying to look for somewhere to eat all the time and forgo your normal rituals. We spent a night in the hotel room enjoying a little charcuterie and pampering.


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