The best meal I have eaten in Argentina

Part of traveling is eating and discovering new restaurants. On a backpackers budget, those restaurants aren’t always within reach. However, when your parents come to visit, it is time to get a little spoiled.

My step dad read about iLatina somewhere and had sent me the link a while back. I would have treated myself to an evening out but didn’t think this was a place to attend alone. I couldn’t convince anyone else to come with me for $100 dinner. When my parents met me in Buenos Aires, I cashed in on the chance to eat at this wonderful restaurant.

7+ courses paired with wine for 1180 pesos. And let me tell you the wine pours were not for the faint of heart. The food was amazing and incredibly creative and the wines were out of this world!

White corn aniseed arepas with spicy avocado mousse and chicharron. Patacon with hogoa and goat cheese.

Nixtamized, toasted corn tortilla with beef cheek, Oaxacan mole, and Mexcal-marinated red onions.

Caramelized prawns with spicy pineapple and fennel.

BarĂº style ceviche with seasonal fish, mango biche, and coconut.

Peruvian seafood casserole with grilled octopus.

Braised pork in Colombian coffee and sugarcane reduction.

Ecuadorian cacao truffle with sea salt and olive oil.

Avocado and Aguardiente ice cream.

This was an amazing experience and I would recommend that anyone who is in Buenos Aires, needs to go to this restaurant!



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  1. Howard Dunaier says:

    I’m hungry for a Asado and some of that wonderful creamy ice cream

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