A very long day tour of Salta

I love exploring places on my own and I try to avoid group tours. But the area surrounding Salta is huge and has a ton to see and renting a car was just not something I wanted to do. I booked a day tour through a company called Argentina4u. The description of the tour does a better job of describing what we saw than I would. The full day Salinas Grandes tour begins in Salta heading towards the pre-Inca site of the Tastil Ruins and then on to the small town of San Antonio de los Cobres, an incredibly beautiful high altitude Andean village, introducing you to the charming characteristics of the North of Argentina. You will continue on this full day Salinas Grandes tour along the scenic Route 40, crossing one of the driest areas in the whole of Argentina, eventually arriving in the Province of Jujuy and close to your Jujuy tour destination of Salinas Grandes. The Salinas Grandes tour then continues by travelling down the Lipán Cliff to Purmamarca, one of the typical towns of the Humahuaca Canyon (Quebrada de Humahuaca) with its unique Seven Colours Hill and beautifully quaint houses. The main reason for the tour was to see the salt flats at Salinas Grandes. The salt is huge rock salt and covers water and then land. It was a pretty cool place!








IMG_3440 Mom decided to take some time to enjoy the view and play on the train tracks and of course we had to take a family selfie and capture the gorgeous mountains.






The tour was about 13  hours because we covered over 500 kilometers of crazy terrain. At one point we were on a “road” that was just dirt and rock. Honestly, I have no idea how the van made it or how my parents put up with it. This is a tour meant for a traveler on a budget and not those on a nice vacation. There are options to hire private drivers that make for a smoother and more informative tour.

Let me know your thoughts!

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