House of Jasmines

I have been staying in hostels and more hostels and then more hostels. When my parents came to meet me, there were no more hostels. In Salta we stayed at this gem about 30 minutes outside of the City Center called House of Jasmines.

House of Jasmines was a house built by Robert Duvall and then bought and turned into a wonderful 14 room resort on over 200 acres. There are mountain bikes available to ride around the property and horses that roam freely. An amazing spread for breakfast with fresh fruit and juice and endless coffee. The pool is in a location that allows sun to be on it all day!

We had a lovely suite and I had my own cute little bed and room.




There was time for pool side relaxing, frolicking in the grass, strolling around the property and even making a miniature spa station in the bathroom.





Overall, it was an amazing and relaxing 5 days and a perfect resting point for returning home after long day trips.

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  1. Moritz says:

    Looks really nice. Especially the bathroom looks amazing!

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