I’m back on another adventure!

I know I have been MIA for a few, but I do have to work to fund these travels. But, I am back at it again for a few month trip to South America and Europe! It all started with a new backpack and a drop off at SFO for what should have been an easy flight to Bogota.

I use Skyscanner to search for all my flights. It is an amazing website/app that finds incredibly cheap airfare and get creative with the flight route. I booked my flight with Jet Blue and when I got to the ticket counter they informed me that I would not make the connection they booked me on and rerouted me. I went from San Fran to Boston to Orlando and finally made it to Bogota! A quick refresh and overnight at a hotel and I am off to Ecuador for the real adventures to start!

 Stay tuned for many more adventures to come!

Let me know your thoughts!

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