I went to Rome and only saw one thing…The Yellow

The Yellow is a hostel that I worked at for 6 weeks last year where I met a ton of people. Some people I randomly saw again and others I made a point to meet up with again and then there were those I just never got to know. But there was a specific group of people that bonded and decided to have a reunion almost exactly a year later. We spent 4 days together catching up and loving life. But what’s even better, we really never left the hostel. Travel is about the people and the connections and the friendships and not always about the city. Besides, I’ve already seen Rome!



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  1. I stayed at The Yellow two months ago, it was probably the best hostel I’ve been to! Hoping to work there for a bit after graduation, looks like a great experience.

    1. jennalogic says:

      If you send them a message I’m sure they would love to have you. They are always looking for volunteers of sorts to help out. It’s a great place to be!

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