Liverpool madness

Some of my travel family (a group of people I met last year) live around the Liverpool/Manchester area Haydock. I decided that it was time to feel like I was at home and stay with them for a weekend. I was spoiled rotten with home cooked meals and my own guest room to sleep in. When you are a backpacker, the little things really start to make all the difference. Having your own room where no one is snoring or getting up in the middle of the night to use the toilet or drunkenly stumbling home and being obnoxious, really changes the quality of sleep.

We spent time just hanging out and drinking wine and eating delicious food. But on Saturday, they took me to Liverpool for a day trip to explore the city. We went to The Cavern Club and the surrounding bars which all have live music. The Cavern Club is the birthplace of the Beatles and I was pulled up on stage to sing Imagine. For any of you that know me, you know I do not sing and you do not want to hear it. But, I got to say I stood on the stage where John Lennon sang.



I love my travel family!!!

Let me know your thoughts!

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