Time for one last stop in Spain before the parents head home and I move on to Portugal. Seville is mostly know for having the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and third overall largest cathedral in the world as well as the Alcazar. I was in Seville in 1998 at the lovely age of 13 and I am pretty sure I appreciated the trip  a little more this time.

Believe it or not this is the view from the air bnb and the reason people come to the city. We are not the most keen explorers of cathedrals and we were very happy to walk around this multiple times day and night. The lines to get in were hours long and the temperature was reaching the high 90s. Small tip: you can pre book your tickets for a slated time to enter and the lines are much shorter!

We made sure to prebook our entry into Alcazar because this was something we wanted to see for sure! Once you enter it is like being transported back in time. This palace was originally designed by the Moorish Muslim kings before being kicked out and replaced by the Spanish. The tile work is incredibly detailed and not a site to be missed!
There are acres of gardens in the palace and once you are in, you can sit and relax and completely get lost. I was a little disappointed that I could see over the hedges of the maze garden so it was easy to find your way out!

I am guilty of a few things when I travel and one of them is craving and missing the NFL and a good sports bar. We found an Irish pub that served Kilkenny which is a beer incredibly hard to find in the US and another Irish pub that had the Red Zone for the NFL on. I had a burger and fries and a beer and was a happy camper!

Back to being in Spain! Seville or rather Andalusia is the home of Flamenco and we caught a great little show with amazing singers and dancers with a guitar player that was to die for. Seeing a flamenco show last time I was here is a memory I still have 18 years later.

Overall a few weeks in Spain is not nearly enough but great for a taste of everything the country has to offer. Barcelona and Mallorca were by far my favorite places and I would happily go back to both. We had our final gelato of the trip before we headed our different ways. Traveling with the parents is a blast and makes for an amazing trip! As the next weeks progress I will be back to my backpacking hostel ways!

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