My Last Day in Hong Kong

There are many destinations you can reach by ferry from Hong Kong and have a mini adventure. We decided to head to Tai O and explore this itty bitty little village.

We took the ferry for just 15 HKD (about $1.87 USD) because we were on the slow ferry that takes 50 minutes. There is a fast ferry that gets you there in 30 minutes but we weren’t on that time schedule and just took the first available ferry.

Once we got off the ferry we took the bus for another hour ride and finally we were in Tai O. Tai O is mainly known as the place to see pink dolphins! Yes pink dolphins are a thing! We jumped on a tiny little boat and set off on a tour of the village and then out to sea to try to spot a dolphin. Of course we didn’t see one!

After our little boat adventure, we wandered the streets of the village. There was tons of dried fish, fish balls, squid, and lots of other food to buy!

After the journey back to Hong Kong in reverse, we had time for a quick stop for a last glass of wine at Slim’s before heading to dinner with Leslie’s dad at Peking Garden for some peking duck. It was the perfect way to end the trip!

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  1. Leslie says:

    Love this!

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