Barcelona is all about Gaudi

There is no way you can visit Barcelona and not visit a few of Gaudi’s architectural wonders.

I visited Casa Mila for my second time and you can see what I thought of it last time here. This time I listened to the guided tour a little bit more and just took in everything with a fresh eye. I found that I wanted to take pictures of the exact same things that caught my eye last time. At least I know I am consistent in what I like.

Shards of glass are used to decorate the top of these chimneys

The same building from two sides. Gaudi used the sun to create natural light throughout the entire house.

Stop number two was at Casa Batllo where the exploration of the intricate lines of Gaudi is possible. The connection and inspiration from nature is visible in nearly every detail constructed. Gaudi was thoughtful in his process and understood the mathematics behind architecture in order to bring his ideas to fruition in an absolutely beautiful way.

Oak banister with a background of beveled glass made to look like water

The catenary arch

The staircase and banister all have soft edges to follow the curves of nature

Everything had a purpose in Gaudi’s world

Gaudi loved to use a lot of color and different materials

The light and ceiling are inspired from skeletons and shell patterns of animals 
La Sagrada Familia may be the most quintessential and finest work from Gaudi and he only lived to see 1/4 of it completed. Casa Mila and Casa Batllo were like practice places for the ideas and forms he would implement into the basilica. Gaudi left behind intricate details to his disciples on how the project should be completed which should be in 2026; 100 years after his death. There are not enough words to describe the beauty of la Sagrada Familia so I will let the pictures do the talking.

My parents at the entrance

Me at the entrance

Side view

Loosely translated to Thanksgiving day

The original Gothic side of the Basilica constructed in 1882

An example of the contrast of different materials together to create a beautiful contrast

Stained glass windows are placed throughout the basilica to create amazing colors!

Cool colors used on one side of the basilica

The pillars are like trees with different branches. They are made of different materials to help support different weights throughout the basilica.

Warm colors used on the other side of the basilica

There is a different detail everywhere you look

Contrasting materials and line

There is an entire prayer placed on the doors of the basilica
Statues are carved all around. Many are a depiction of Jesus from various parts of his life.

Truly the only thing I can say is that if you are heading to Barcelona, you HAVE to visit la Sagrada Familia!

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