Family time

I do an annual trip home every year with a group of my friends from high school, college and post college to go wine tasting and have a weekend of being spoiled by my mom (blog about that will come in October). She loves her little camps and started an annual cousin day camp for the little ones. I have 8 cousins ranging from ages 6-15 and this camp has been going on or quite a few years. This is the first one I have attended since I am usually working. But let’s be honest…I don’t have the patience level to be around a lot of children for an extended period of time but they are finally old enough to not be at that annoying age. 

The day started with coffee and stretching in the front yard with one of my aunts and my grandma and then prepping for the big BBQ. The entire family, 22 of us, gathered for good food and good times. I have family that came in from Denver, Angels Camp, Napa and Monterey and who knows when we will all be together again. 

A day with the cousins and the entire family is absolutely exhausting but is one that has to go down in my world travels because in the end, what is more important than family?


Let me know your thoughts!

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