A trip to the other wine country…Portland.

One of my very good friends from college decided to throw herself a 29 1/2 birthday party or early 30’s party or farewell to her 20’s party depending on how you want to look at it. Needless to say it was a reason for a trip to Portland for some great wine tasting.

First stop was Penner Ash where they had wonderful views of rolling hills a wine called Rubeo which they consider their “pizza wine.” For those who are not a fan of reds there were plenty of whites on the tasting menu to please any person.



I should have gone for a manicure prior to this trip but I ran out of time…;(

Next stop, Torii Mor! This lovely little winery had Japanese gardens to enjoy and a port that I absolutely loved! 6 wines on the tasting menu makes this a very reasonable stop.Image

Last on the list was Archery Summit. We had a private tasting in the wine cellar and there are some amazing Pinot’s at this place. If you are at this winery, absolutely aim to taste in the cellar room rather than in the tasting room.


Portland is best known for their Pinot and an absolute must for those who love their wine. And for those who love beer, there are plenty of breweries in the area as well.

Of course I had to take a little time to go shopping since there is no sales tax just because I could! This would be the place to buy your expensive items if you really wanted to.

I had some time to kill while flying since I was oddly early to all my flights so of course I decided to read. Whenever I travel I like to actually have a book instead of a Kindle or iPad or something like that. There is something about turning the pages and the smell of books that can’t be replaced. When I finish my books I write a little note inside them of where the book traveled with me and leave it somewhere for someone to find and hopefully pass along. It is amazing the adventure a book can go on!


There are so many places to travel and tons of things to do in each city and this is just a small look into Portland.

Let me know your thoughts!

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