Lima shows her true colors

I decided to go to Peru because a Travelzoo offer made it super cheap! And now, here I am. The day started off with a flight at 2:35am where Kalindra and I thought we would have our own rows. The plane was pretty empty so this was a large possibility. Instead, I end up with a seat between me which is not so bad but poor Kalindra ends up with a snoring monster next to her. Headphones were the only saving grace for this leg of the flight.

The traveling pair

We land in Costa Rica with about 15 minutes to board our next flight and after realizing it wasn´t going to board on time, we walked around. Kalindra decided on a quick 10 minute massage from a little spa just near our gate. Something is to be said about things being easy.

Finally we make it to Peru and customs was easier than anywhere I have ever been. But someone (Kalindra) had their dog nestle in their suitcase prior to leaving and the little drug/fruit hound followed her all around. Needless to say, we had a little stop at customs to ensure we were not smuggling anything in.

We were greeted outside the airport with our names on a sign and a taxi driver that did not speak very good english but still managed to give us a proper introduction to the city including pointing out a charming little place to get chicken and papas called Norky´s. We have yet to try it but the trip is still young.

We make it to our hostel for a bit of relaxation. But being in a new city, that is the last thing we thought about doing so out and about we went. We walked around the streets of Lima taking in the sites and finding that crossing the street was the scariest thing about the city. We made sure to follow a local so we didn´t get hit by a car.

Finally we made our way to a mall as any proper person does, and found a cute little place to eat and finally try this pisco everyone had been talking about. A lovely meal and a few Pisco Sours and Peru Libres later and we were back to our hostel.

Pisco Sour
Peru Libre

We are staying at this charming little hostel called 1900 Backpackers Hostel. A super cute place with a great happy hour as well. The best part however was that we met some people that live in LA and just a few blocks from us!! Leave it to the world to put you together with people that you could have met just leaving your neighborhood for a night or two.

Miraflores night out

We played a little pool and became friends (you know how that happens at hostels) with some people and decided we should see what Lima was all about. After a stop in a few places we decided it was time to go home and get ready for our early, early, early flight to Cusco in the morning.

Thus far this has been a great little trip and I look forward to see what the rest holds for us. Pictures will be forthcoming and most likely added to this but for now it is all words.

Oh, and one of my favorite parts is I already finished a book and was able to leave it here and pick up another. There is something to be said about this type of traveling!

Let me know your thoughts!

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