Because we are living in a material world

Money. Mulah. Cash. Dough. Paper. Coin. Riches. Whatever! It doesn’t matter what you call it but money talks. Hotels are part of the service industry and in the service industry, people like to be appreciated for what they have done. A tip is a great way to show said appreciation. In the United States, many of these positions are paid minimum wage and the tips are the saving grace of being able to afford to eat!


I work in hotels and I have seen tips range from $1-$2000! So, when do you tip? How much do you tip?

Valet parking – You don’t have to tip when you arrive to the hotel (unless you want to), but tip when someone retrieves your car for you. $2+ is usually fair. If you are driving a nice car, don’t be shocked when you hand someone $2 bucks and they give you a look of disgust. If you can afford $100,000 car then you can afford a bigger tip. Just throwing it out there.

Housekeeping – This department work their butts off! They are scrubbing globs and glue off the floors and ceilings and cleaning up after the mess you made! Just because you are in a hotel room doesn’t mean you should abuse it. If you throw a party in your hotel room, leave a little extra money. But for daily servicing leave $1-$5. If you are in a suite, leave a little more because it takes them a bit longer to clean. Leave a tip each day so that whoever cleaned your room on that day receives the tip. But if you forget, leave a lump sum on your last day. Make sure to leave a little note letting them know that the money is for them.

Bellmen – Throw the poor guys a few bucks. They are lugging around luggage all day and hardly acknowledged. $1-$2 per bag is customary. If they go above and beyond, throw ’em some more!

Concierge – Just because it is the job of the concierge to be helpful doesn’t mean a little gratitude isn’t appreciated. If you are at their desk taking up a long period of time booking tours and tickets and getting you into that sold out restaurant that takes at least a month notice, then give them a tip. Use your discretion on this one but $10+ is much appreciated.

Front Desk – If all they did was check you in and hand you your keys, no tip is necessary. But did they go above and beyond and give you a few pointers about the area or notice that you have a child with you and offer to have some children’s amenities sent to the room? Throw down a few bucks with a smile and a thank you.

Room service – Every hotel is different. Usually there is a delivery fee and gratuity already included on your bill. Double check when you receive your check to make sure a tip is being left.

Restaurants and bars – Tip your server and tip your bartenders. Servers should receive 15% for average service but 20% is becoming the new standard. For a bartender, think $1 per drink. If you ask them to make you a mojito, you better be leaving them more than a $1!

All and all, tip at your discretion. If things were terrible then don’t tip. Don’t feel obligated to tip. Some hotels do not accept tips! But step back for a second and think about everything that these people are doing for you, and leave that money in their pockets!



Let me know your thoughts!

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