A day in the English countryside

Today was a day journey to the lovely countryside of England. Once again, we were able to visit some friends who showed us all around their area. We had a beautiful drive and passed some grape seed that I had to stop and take a picture of! I think the picture looks perfect!


We started with a walk that took us to the local church that was built somewhere around 1240AD where the whipping post was still standing! Mom said she was having flashbacks. 🙂 Of course, we had to stop at the local pub, The Queens Head, for a pint before a traditional Ploughman’s lunch.


Next stop was the Amberley Castle which is now a hotel and restaurant. For some reason, I felt right at home here. The grounds were beautiful and after a little bit of coaxing, the peacock fanned it’s feathers for us!

IMG_0499 IMG_2405 IMG_2394 IMG_9596

Next stop was a quick drive to look at the view of the countryside from the downs. You can see the water from here which is absolutely amazing on a clear day like this.


Our last little stop while we were out and about was  at one of the Royal Society of Protection for Birds sanctuaries for afternoon tea.


It was a relaxing but exhausting day in the country.

Fun fact: Llamas and sheep are often kept together as the llamas protect the sheep from foxes.


Let me know your thoughts!

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