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  1. Howard Dunaier says:

    Hi Jenna, Holly & Peter,

    I’m just catching up on your blog as I took a few days to drive down to San Diego so I could take advantage of my buddies great seats, front row, behind home plate for the Giants vs. Padres game. I seem to also just happen upon a Pub, any Pub, anywhere, anytime, just to have a pint before and after most everything in the UK. Looks like each of you are really enjoying the beer, food and environment, with great weather.

  2. Howard Dunaier says:

    I forgot…..where are you off to now?

    1. jennalogic says:

      We have been very lucky with the weather and we are enjoying ourselves greatly! Next up is St. Remy de Provence. Switch from tea and beer to olive oil and wine. Your seats sound FANTASTIC!

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