Tour de Provence

Mom and I started the day with a walk into St. Remy for the weekly market. We picked up some new scarves as well as some delicious strawberries, nuts and fresh baked bread for a little picnic lunch later in the day.

We were told to drive to a town called Les Baux de Provence and along the way there were some amazing Roman ruins called Glanum dating back to about 30BC. It was amazing to be driving and just have these pop up alongside you on the road. You can tell how large they are because I am standing in the archway.


We drove through Les Baux de Provence and took in the beauty, but there were a TON of tour buses and we did not want to deal with them. Peter wanted to go to Arles where Van Gogh was inspired to paint the Starry Night painting and apparently cut off his ear. This was another drive through town and there was not stop for us.

Next up was a stop at another little town called Eygalieres and along the way we ended up stopping at Abbaye de Montmajour. I still find it fascinating that there is so much history packed into such a little space.


As we were heading to Eygalieres we happen to see the tasting room for Domain de La Vallongue which has some delicious wines and of course we stopped to make a purchase. We drove around Eygalieres, but it was that odd between lunch and dinner time when everything seems to close.

IMG_9662 IMG_0585

Once again, I was the trusty chauffeur for this half day adventure.


Finally it was time for dinner and we had to dine where the locals din.  We ended up at a great little place on the outer circle (makes sense once you are here) called Café de la Place. The food and wine was delicious and the atmosphere was just what you want to not seem like a tourist.

And where did we stay this entire time? The pictures cannot do justice to show how beautiful the Hotel Le Vallon de Valrugues really is. We have been staying in the Suite Prestige thanks to Seth with aXcess Travel who did some amazing work on getting us upgraded AND had breakfast for three included at an absolutely amazing rate!

IMG_9658 IMG_9659 IMG_9602 IMG_9603 IMG_9604 IMG_9605

Pictured above: Private plunge pool and terrace. View of the outdoor pool from our terrace. Main open bedroom and dining room area. Terrace again. Second room with queen bed. Billiards lounge in the hotel.

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  1. Heidi hunsaker says:

    Sounds totally awesome
    Wish I was there with you guys
    I feel like I am there from your incredible descriptions
    You look fab

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