Nice is nice

After two full days walking around Nice, I can say my feet are killing me and I have a very nice idea of what Nice has to offer.

With such a great hotel and such a great view, it is hard to leave the hotel. But alas, one must explore while traveling. We took ourselves on a bit of a walking tour in search of  La Roustide so that Peter could have a foie gras burger. Sadly, we arrived at about 2pm and the restaurant closes at 1:30pm for lunch. The upside, we were off the beaten path and away from all the tourists. We made a quick stop at the Museum of Modern Art and headed back to rest for dinner.


Today was a bit more of an adventure. Mom and I decided to head out early (9:00am) to hit up the market in Vieux Nice (Old Nice). We grabbed an espresso and some fresh bread for breakfast and stumbled upon some socca and crepes along the way. I was told to try socca while I was here and it was pretty interesting. I think this would be something fun to try to make at home for a dinner party next year when I have a kitchen again. 🙂



IMG_9671 IMG_9670

Peter met up with us and we headed to the Chagall Musuem This was the first museum built for a specific artist while the artist was still alive. La Danse (pictured below) was commissioned by the London Watergate Theater along with another painting. Soon, they realized they would not be able to afford the paintings and Chagall kept them in his personal collection.


Mom and I put our feet in the ocean so that we could say we put our feet in the Mediterranean Sea. The problem is, the beach is all little stones and pebbles and is really uncomfortable. Hopefully I will find my perfect beach along the way.

Once again, I have been spoiled these past few days by staying at Hotel Le Negresco thanks to Seth with aXcess Travel! We are in the Coco Chanel suite with a gorgeous view of Promenade de Anglais and the Mediterranean Sea.

IMG_9677 IMG_9678 IMG_0649

Panoramic or artwork at Le Negresco
Panoramic or artwork at Le Negresco


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  1. Howard Dunaier says:

    Nice absolutely looks nice! You guys looks like you are having a fabulous time.

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