An art filled day in Stuttgart


What do you do when you wake up and there are ominous clouds in the sky? Walk around a museum of course! I took myself to the Kuntsmuseum Stuttgart where the regular collection was closed but the two special exhibitions were open; Luisa Richter and Gego.


I found that I was very interested in the work of Luisa Richter which was reminiscent of the abstract shapes of Joan Miro or Wassily Kandinskbut with a softer color palette. Somehow, I am always drawn to the same type of art.

Luisa Richter - Plan und Wagnis - 1980
Luisa Richter – Plan und Wagnis – 1980
Luisa Richter - Araya - 1984
Luisa Richter – Araya – 1984

I tried to get on board with Gego but I could not seem to find a connection to any of the pieces. I took the opportunity to snap a quick picture of the city center from a few stories up, and of course, create my own art with a token selfie.

IMG_9742 IMG_9754

I had the pleasure of ending my evening at the Stuttgart Ballet. I can’t recall ever attending a professional ballet which is odd considering how much I love dance! The first act was an all male ensemble and the dance was more of a contemporary piece rather than a ballet. The piece was funny and masculine and flirted with the concept of males and their sexuality. The second piece was two males accompanied by an opera singer, and the line between femininity and masculinity was blurred through the art of the dance. The piece was absolutely beautifully danced and headed toward a more classical ballet. The last piece was all females on point and what I would consider to be the most classically danced of them all.

IMG_9758 IMG_9765 IMG_9757

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  1. Holly Bennett says:

    I love that you are out exploring and appreciating such a variety of the vast culture the world has to offer. Thank you for sharing. Love you.

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