The Devine Comedy in Frankfurt

Finally the museums were open and I got to spend my day as I pleased. I chose to go the MMK Museum for the The Divine Comedy exhibition and was not disappointed by anything that I saw.



This piece is by Bili Bidjocka and called Graces & Intentions & Graces. You can see pencils hanging from the painting where you can write your own message and I wrote Carpe Diem as I thought it was the perfect thing to say! The piece is based on the proverb: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

IMG_9802 IMG_9804

These pieces are by Kendell Geers and called Ligne de Fuite. The pieces are a meditation on violence and poetry, the struggle between creation and destruction, and the fragile balance between flesh and the spirit. The artists says, ” I dedicate my exhibition to everybody who still believes and will never abandon hope.”


This piece is by Julie Mehrtu and called In Fragment. This piece is inspired by the cityscape of Berlin.


This piece is by Wangechi Mutu and called Metha. This piece is for the 1994 Rwanda massacre and the tables are used to signify the tables where the bodies were stacked. The bowls filled with milk and wine are direct references to the beginning and end of life, thus serving homage to the people killed.

Another piece I loved was a soundscape called The Dream by Frances Goodman. It was about a 10 minute piece of women speaking about the pressure society has put on them in regards to marriage. Some of the quotes that stuck out were:

“Marriage is an element of conquering.”

“Marriage has an element of pity.”

“How do you know what forever is?”

“I feel like I’m getting older; I feel like I’m reaching my expiry date.”

Quite a few women touched on the difference of the question at 25 versus 30. I guess one would say that I related to this piece.

IMG_9799 IMG_9795



Let me know your thoughts!

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