Everyone almost gets arrested in a foreign country…right?

I can only describe my day with a little play by play recap:

– Get up and go to breakfast to meet my new travel friend Jenn to decide what museum to go to

– Met some people from Tennessee who want to go to a castle about 30 minutes out of town by train which sounds fantastic

– Take said train only to get on a bus and get lost in Langensbold

– Decide to stop for a beer and walk around the cute town instead

– As we are heading to a church, get stopped by the police on a residential street corner

– Interrogated by the cop and asked for our passports and where we were all weekend and all these other things

– Told we look exactly like some people who caused some trouble on the weekend

– Had our picture taken (just me and Jenn) and told all would be okay if we didn’t match the descriptions of the people from the weekend

Somewhere during all this I thought we might have a bit of a money shakedown and took my credit cards and debit cards out of my purse and put them in my bra. I thought if I get robbed, then it’s just the cash I have on me which is not the worst thing in the world. I also wrote down the name of the officer in case things were not quite up to par. In the end, he ended up being very nice and apologized for any confusion.

Needless to say, Jenn and I booked it back to Frankfurt and the other two continued on to the castle. I don’t know about you, but I think we look pretty innocent.


I had a ticket to the opera tonight to see La Fanciualla Del West. The prior events of the day had me a bit shaken but I still went. The opera was in Italian with German subtitles and the orchestra was so loud I could not hear the singers. I made it through the first act and then had to leave. I’m glad I went for a bit but was truly in the wrong mindset after my day.

IMG_9811 IMG_20140514_180139

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  1. slamdunk says:

    Glad things worked out ok for you all. There for awhile, it was sounding like the intro to an episode of “Locked Up Abroad.”

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