Things I have learned while traveling

Traveling has taught me a few things. This blog will be ever changing as my travels continue.

1) More Americans need to travel

2) Anyone who had a relationship when they started traveling probably doesn’t have one now

3) Girls are horrendous humans to be in a dorm with in terms of cleanliness

4) Sleep whenever possible

5) Drama is the same everywhere

6) Strangers are some of the best friends

7) The real friends at home are always there

8) Certain bugs suck

9) I’m a lot like a mother to many of the young kids (18-22)

10) The Americans I have met while traveling have fed into so much of the stereotype of why people dislike Americans, that it makes me a bit sad to say where I’m from.

11) I can almost distinguish a Sydney accent from a Melbourne accent

12) Englishmen are actual gentleman

13) People who travel with friends rarely stay friends with them while traveling

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  1. Howard Dunaier says:

    Hi Jenna,

    Ah what you learn from travel. Traveling the world has been and continues to be my education, and the reason I got into the industry. You’ve made some good points.

    #10) I agree, and it’s quite sad. Now you know why all the Canadian’s put a patch on their backpacks so know one would think they are American’s.

    #11) Just yesterday at Good Harbor beach, we are in Gloucester, MA visiting Beth’s Dad, I spoke with a women and still to this day when I hear an accent I always try to guess where they are from. She was easy – Germany and of course I congratulated her on their World Cup Championship.

    #13) This can be true but your Mom and Peter did travel with us to Gloucester, MA and we are still friends. We have also spent time in Paris with other friends of ours. The challenge is since we are all different and all want to do what we want to do the more people who travel together the more challenging it is to agree on where to go and what to do!

    Take care and KCCO!

    1. jennalogic says:

      Someone the other day said I must be Canadian because I don’t act like an American. It was nice to hear that I don’t fit the stereotype but also very sad to know the stereotype is out there.

      I’m sure there are tons of people who remain friends, but I have met quite a few solo travelers that did not start that way.

      Like you said, one of the reasons to be in the industry. 🙂

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