Working in Dubrovnik!

Due to Schengen visa requirements, I have been killing time in the non Schengen countries starting with Croatia. After my travel buddy left me for Spain, I decided to stay a few extra nights in Dubrovnik. I switched from a hostel in Old Town to a hostel just outside of town called Hostel Dubrovnik Sunset. I checked in for three nights and within two nights, I was offered a discount stay for a trade of entertaining people at the hostel. Needless to say, I think being a Social Coordinator at a hostel is right up my alley.

I will be in Croatia for the entire month of July and then zip off for a little tour of Paris, Budapest, Prague and Greece and then hopefully cover more of Eastern Europe. But as we know, one never knows where I will end up!


2 thoughts on “Working in Dubrovnik!

  1. HI Jenna,

    I just caught up on your blog. Croatia looks pretty awesome and I see you’ve gotten into the go with the flow of backpacking! Love the bottle of wine.

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