Museums, museums and museums


Today was a Prague museum crawl day. It all started with an Andy Warhol exhibit at the Gallery of Art Prague. I have seen Andy Warhol plenty of times in various museums, but I have never seen a Warhol exhibition. Many of the famous pieces were there as well as a few that I had never seen. My minion made the trip with me to this gallery as well.

IMG_0938 IMG_0939 IMG_0940 IMG_0941 IMG_0942 IMG_0943 IMG_0944 IMG_0955


The same gallery also had a Salvador Dali exhibition. I love Dali and discovering new pieces that he has created.

IMG_0947 IMG_0949

The Museum of Communism was next on the list and a bit depressing. I find it very necessary to learn about the trials and tribulations of a country to truly understand the culture that I am experiencing today. When I was growing up, this country was Czechoslavakia and not the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A lot has changed in recent years and I found the description of what a “socialist man” was to be very interesting (see picture below).



The last museum for the day was the Prague Beer Museum. Czech beer can be very hoppy which I find to be absolutely delicious. It was a perfect end to a great day!




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