White water rafting Bali style

I have not been white water rafting since I was in Costa Rica in 2003. They were super crazy there and liked to flip you out of the boat on purpose. When the option to go rafting in Bali presented itself, it seemed like a great idea.

We booked through an agency that provided door to door service for everyone. It was very nice to not have to think about getting to a meeting place or getting to the rafting destination. The downside, random people can curl up next to you.

Random girl fell asleep and cuddled up next to me.
Random girl fell asleep and cuddled up next to me.

There are various companies that will take you down the Telaga Waja River and we went with a company called BMW. Because of the time of year, the river was very shallow and we got stuck a lot which sort of diminishes the thrill. However, the guide did his job and actually did most of the work so we could enjoy the beautiful views. There is a 4 meter drop at the end which was probably the most thrilling part of the entire trip and at first seemed dangerous, but they do it all the time and we had a blast!

Preparing to raft
Preparing to raft
The rafting setup
The rafting setup

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  1. Howard Dunaier says:

    How do you like Bali? Have you visited Kuta?

    1. jennalogic says:

      Bali was AMAZING. I was staying in Sanur but did visit Kuta as well as a few nights at the Gili Islands. Those blogs are to come. I must say, I will 100% go back to Bali to explore more.

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