Gili Islands

Although Bali is an island, there are plenty of other islands to visit within a few hour boat ride. I took a couple of days to visit the Gili Islands and see what all the talk was about. I visited the main island, Gili Trawangan and spent two days just relaxing. I booked a hostel in order to meet people and ended up leaving just after sunset. The power went out which meant there was no way to charge any electronics and more importantly, there was no fan to keep the room cool! I walked out and went two doors down and booked myself a nice little bungalow for two nights.


The islands do not have any sort of motorized transportation and you can hire a donkey pulled cart or a bicycle. You can order the donkey carts just like a taxi! I chose to walk the island since everything was very close by. There was a sea turtle conservation place where they capture the eggs and allow the sea turtles to grow and then release them after a year to save them from pachers. It has to be monitored 24 hours a day because apparently drunk tourists like to steal them late at night.

Donkey cart
Donkey cart
Sea turtles
5 month old sea turtles

There wasn’t much to do on the island except relax on the beach and enjoy lovely meals with beautiful views. The water was incredibly warm but the current was a little scary.

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After two great days or relaxing, I jumped on the boat back to Bali. Along the way I decided to sit partly outside the boat to watch the waves and the scenery go by. I saw some flying fish literally flying above the water. I didn’t even know they were real! We were almost at the dock when the boat hit a huge wave and broke the captain’s window and hit me pretty hard and threw me against the inside of the boat! I had a scratch on my face and a bruise on my chest the size of a baseball. Needless to say, the hour long car ride back to the villa was a wet one. I was very happy I had decided to sit down for the last few minutes of the boat ride.



The best part of the island was meeting all the locals. Everyone wanted to talk and know my story and practice their English. I think I spent more time having random conversations than doing anything else. I also received a marriage proposal and was told I looked like a rasta. I politely turned down the proposal.


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  1. Howard Dunaier says:

    Glad you are safe, you never know what can happen to you when you travel alone, but as you know you are never really ever alone!!!!!

    We did not visit the Gili Islands but we did got to Yogyakarta, we saw an amazing temple called Borobudur temple and we went to the island of Sulawesi and went to Toraja land which was awesome…..for your next visit to Bali!

    Your Mom and Peter were over for dinner and the Giants 1st National League Championship game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday night. She borrowed one of our backpacks so she could hang with you. I know she is so excited and can’t wait to leave tomorrow.

    Take care.

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