An Ecuadorian Wedding

My time in Quito was spent on vacation and not really being a tourist. Two of my wonderful friends got married and I was there to experience it. They put on quite a set of events for us. The first night was a girls night/boys night where we were driven around in chivas and had an awesome time. We stopped at one spot for appetizers and drinks and then another to dance the night away. It was a great night!    

       The next day was for a day of recovery and the one day I had a tourist moment. I went to the top of the mountain on the teleferico (cable car) and took in the sunset and the crazy altitude of 12,000 feet!

        The day of the wedding was a little hectic. We had a transfer set up for all of us at 11 to be at the wedding by noon and we were late! We didn’t miss much of the ceremony and got to experience a beautiful wedding in Spanish. We broke for a small cocktail reception and lunch and then a night of dancing until midnight!

                    Some of us weren’t quite ready to head home and went out in the touristy bar area for a few before finally calling it a night.

 The wedding brought in people from all over the country and it was great to see two people so happy together. Now, it is time for my vacation to end and the travelling to begin!


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