Athens during the referendum

I went to Athens last year and did all of the touristy stuff so when I went again this year I took the time to relax and do laundry and regroup. What I didn’t know when I booked the trip is that I would be there smack dab in the middle of a huge financial crisis and a huge decision for the Greek economy.

Basically, Greece is in a TON of debt (€323 billion). You read that right…€323 billion!! They are in desperate need of a bailout to save their economy and an emergency referendum was called and I was there during the vote!!! They voted no which is what they thought they wanted and took to the streets to celebrate. Basically no meant they did not agree to the terms of the bailout proposed. 

Needless to say, the media sensationalized a lot of what was happening. Yes, the banks shut down and limited locals to only withdraw €60/day but tourists were not restricted. The biggest help to the economy is to travel to Greece and spend your money!

Oh yeah, don’t forget the amazing food!


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