I spent my time in Munich at museums

Having just come from Berlin, I didn’t expect Munich to be sooooooooo much hotter! AC is not very popular here except for cooling the beer, so I spent my time in museums to stay cool.

I went to the BMW Museum, Bavarian National Museum and the Pinakothek. In the middle of my museum going I treated myself to lunch at places where I heard more German than English being spoken.

The BMW Museum

BMW started with engines for airplanes. They were large supporters of Hitler and WWII.
One of the first motorcycles BMW created
If this engine was in my car, I would have lots of speeding tickets!
1939 BMW 328
2009 BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics
2009 BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics. I need this car!
Paul Cooper designed Mini

Bavarian National Museum

This piece was a clock and the skeleton was a reminder that each second brings man closer to his death and even the courageous lion is not immune to death.
Beautiful blown glass glasses
This little guy just looked so happy and cute to have all his grapes
This door had the smell of a very old house and looked like it was out of a fairy tale


Die grosse Nacht von damals (Remix) 2008 by Georg Baselitz
Traumerische Improvisation 1913 by Wassily Kandinsky
Rinder 1, 1913 by Franz Marc
Komposition K IV, 1922 by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
..Das Ratsek der Begierde” oder ..Meinie Mutter, Meine Mutter, Meine Mutter” 1929 by Salvador Dali
Tischstilleben mit Hauserausblick, 1950 by Werner Heldt
on’t know what to do, 2012 by Anders Clausen
Piece by Courtney Zilla Leutenegge
Window by Courtney Zilla Leutenegger
This entire mirror is a piece of art

The artist used a lighting installation and projection to create this piece called At Night.

Let me know your thoughts!

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