Berlin. Berlin. Berlin.

I don’t really do a lot of research about a place before I go. I tend to throw things out to my Facebook family and go off of suggestions from fellow travelers. I knew Berlin was famous for the Berlin Wall and for the nightlife, but I had no idea as to the extent that nightlife went!

The Berlin Wall is such an important part of Berlin history and truly separated a city into two sections that caused you to be shot on the spot if you tried to cross. There is still asection up and a main spot for street artists to show off their work.


I didn’t intend to go out to any of the clubs in Berlin but I ended up meeting some pretty cool people and thought it was a good idea. Apparently, the more you look like you don’t care about getting in, the more likely you are to get in. What does this mean? Dress in black and wear tennis shoes and don’t speak English! The first club me and another girl got into but the three boys got turned away. I had met a guy in Rome that happened to live in Berlin and he told me about a 90’s party happening at a club. By that time (2:00am or so), most of the group had called it quits but I powered through and had a great time! The clubs open on Friday and close Sunday or Monday. I could not do it all the time but it was fun to do once!

Berlin had some delicious food even if it wasn’t all necessarily German. I was very happy to treat myself to some wonderful meals!

 Overall, Berlin was everything I thought it was going to be and more. This is a city I could see myself returning to at some point in my life.

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