When most people think of Amsterdam they immediately think of the legalized drugs and the Red Light District. I went because I heard it was a beautiful city with amazing architecture and entertaining people. While traveling in Peru in March I met Dutch guy that threw out the offer of something like, “If you are ever in the Netherlands, let me show you around.” I took him up on that offer and was able to crash on his couch in Haarlem which is a city a short distance outside of Amsterdam.

Going through a city with a local is much different than site seeing and exploring on your own and just following the recommendations of the hostel. I was able to spend the days exploring the city on my own and the evenings being taken out to cool restaurants and bars!

Monet was inspired by this bridge and church to paint The Haarlem Lock in 1664,
This bar was purposely meant to feel very old. ‘t’Dokterje
There are many flavors of home brewed liquors to try at Wynard Fockink

Since I was staying in Haarlem I decided to spend a day exploring the city to see what was around. It was a lot more local and less touristy and according to my friend, what I should expect from a typical Dutch city.

Cathedral of Saint Bavo


And of course, some random street art around Amsterdam.

Let me know your thoughts!

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