Books travel just like people

When I travel I always have an actual book with me and not just a nook or a tablet. When I finish the book I leave it wherever I finished it and I leave my email address in the book with a little note. I have probably left over 50 books around the world and this was the first message I received. I have never been to Paros but I have been to Greece. That means my book went on a little adventure!

Hi Jenna,

Just thought I’d drop you a quick line as I’ve just finished reading this book on the island of Paros, Greece – not sure if that’s where you left it?
I’ve been eating books this holiday and had run out of reading material, I’m a believer in books that have paper pages rather than electronic ones!
As we’re staying in a holiday apartment rather than hostel there was a distinct absence of books – in fact nada!!
We chanced your book in a hotel/cyber cafe in Limivadia, Parikia Paros on Sunday afternoon whilst trying to find a place to print something else of the internet – we couldn’t find any place here that has a book swap – maybe an opportunity here in the future, who knows!
So, where ever you are – you might still be in Paros yourself, or maybe you’ve never been here, but where I chanced across your book – so thank you! All read in two days and 8 pages missing but nothing to interrupt the plot, so I’ll pass it on too!
Happy Reading!

Let me know your thoughts!

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