Football Season 2015

As much as I love to travel, I am not made of money and sometimes must stop and restock the funds so I can take off and play again. With that being said, I still managed to take some fun weekend trips to watch my favorite sport: FOOTBALL!

One of my goals in life is to attend a gave at every football stadium in the United States. There are 32 teams but only 31 stadiums. I was able to check off 4 of those this season to add to the 1 I have already been to.

The first game was in Oakland, California at Coliseum where it was the Minnesota Vikings vs Oakland Raiders. I am a fan of the 49ers from across the bay so I was a bit hesitant to attend a game here. Luckily I have a friend with season tickets and I rocked my minion hat and USC gear and had a great time. Final score 30-14. Go Vikings! 

 My next game was in Seattle, Washington at CenturyLink Field where I saw the San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks. It was great to take a quick weekend trip up to Seattle and explore the city. Seahawks and Niners have quite the rivalry so once again I rocked my minion and USC and added a little fur and my ref socks. I snuck in a some niner gear with earrings. Sadly we lost 13-29. Boo Seahawks! 

 Living in Los Angeles makes quite a few places very accessible. Just two hours South I went to San Diego, California to Qualcomm  to see the Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers. The Broncos are my second favorite team in the NFL but I was with some die hard Charger fans! We attended an awesome tailgate and bought our tickets shortly after the 1st quarter for a greatly reduced price. There was talks of the Chargers moving to the new stadium being built in Los Angeles so there was a chance this was going to be my last chance to be at the stadium. Final score was 17-3. Go Broncos!

 My last game of the season was in Denver, Colorado at Sports Authority Field at Mile High to see the Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos. This game also happened to fall on my mom’s birthday so she flew out to meet me for a nice mother/daughter game day. We caught a break in the weather and had an absolutely gorgeous Colorado day and this was probably the most exciting game I attended. Since it was almost Christmas, I thought rocking the Christmas hat with my Broncos beanie and niners earrings made all the sense in the world! Final score 15-12. Boo Raiders!

There are so many ways to figure out how to explore a city and I think having the opportunity to be in a city during some sports of any sort makes the experience that much more exciting!

Let me know your thoughts!

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