Let’s go to Europe

Europe…a continent consisting of 50 countries with about 225 different languages and 28 different currencies. Where do I even start planning? How do I decide where I am going? These are questions I ask once I decide that I am heading to Europe again.

This trip started with a plan to meet some family friends in Valencia and grew from there based on the pricing for return airfare on Virgin Atlantic from London.

Once all was settled, I had 46 days to plan and pack for. My luggage is just over 10 kilos and considered a carry on for most flights. I have a lot of basic black and my favorite design of strips.

Without fail, I always travel with some sort of hat and a cross body purse with a chain to help avoid the scam where someone slits through your purse strap so it falls to the ground. Packed and ready to go it was off to the airport!

I am usually a very budget traveler but my parents are treating me to the first few weeks of this trip and we ended up with upper class (first class) seats on Virgin. This gave us access to the club lounge before the flight and made the ease of starting the trip very very easy!

The flight was amazing! The food was actually quite good and there was a bar in the cabin. Yes, you read that correctly. The seats folded down to full beds to make the 10+ hour journey pretty simple.

We flew to London and then jumped on a British Airways flight to Barcelona and finally arrived to the hotel! I used my best friend Seth from aXcess Travel to help with the hotel accommodation as well as the airfare.

Europe is not very keen on having three adults in a room and instead of risking anything on booking.com or another site, we are guaranteed to have no issues upon arrival with Seth. Plus we received a welcome amenity and daily breakfast for two and a food and beverage credit all for the same price the other websites were showing! It really is a no brainer most of the time!

Stay tuned for more updates as I gallivant around Europe.

Let me know your thoughts!

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